Radiation in Mobile & Cancer

radiation in mobile & cancer

In the modern scenario, We are getting more and more addicted to smartphones because of social media, games, videos, and users are increasing day by day.  Mobile phone radiation has harmful effects on human health & nature. Radiation in Mobile & Cancer is a very important topic because we all know radiation (a carcinogenic agent) absorbed in the human body may cause cancer and here we will discuss about it.

A wireless communication system is based on sending and receiving radio frequency(RF) electromagnetic signals, all these devices emit RF energy. Mobile phones always emit radiation, especially radiation intensity is maximum when we talk over the phone. We are always exposing to this radiation of mobile phones and our body absorbs it. In the topic “Radiation in Mobile & Cancer“, We will discuss the effects of radiation on…

  • Human Brain, Brain Cancer, especially for children.
  • Skin, Skin disease.
  • Fertility
  • Nature

Before starting the discussions about Radiation in Mobile & Cancer, we need to know some basics of radiation.

What is Radiation?

Radiation is a process to carry energy from one place to another in the form of  Electromagnetic wave & Particulate (Photon). By this process, the medium is not necessary. But if there is any medium in the path to carry energy, the medium will be utilized and affected by radiation.

During passing through a medium, the radiation interacts with the atoms of that medium. From this interaction point of view, radiations are two types

  1. Ionizing radiation: It is a very high energy radiation. During passing through any medium this radiation will ionize that medium. Example: X-Rays, Gamma Rays.
  2. Non-ionizing Radiation: It is Low Energy Radiation, when it passes through any medium it will not ionize that medium. Example: Radio wave (uses for telecommunication systems), microwave(uses for micro oven)

What is mobile phone radiation?

The telecommunication system is operated in the radio frequency (RF Frequency) region which is 30 KHz-300 GHz and during phone calls, sending a message, net browsing, etc. are performed by exchanging information through radio frequency signals.

Any other wireless devices like wifi network, radar, etc also emit radio frequency signals. RF radiation may heath problems such as brain cancer, headache, sleep disorder, lack of appetite, depression.

What happens when we use a mobile phone

  • The phone emits Radio Frequency Radiation( Radio Wave), which is Non-Ionizing.
  • This emitted radiation is absorbed by our body parts nearest the phone.
  • The absorbed radiation causes heat production in cells.
  • The produced heat causes of biological effects of cells, which may cause cancer.
  • The amount of radiation is absorbed by the human body can be measured as dose.
  • This dose is called “The Specific Absorption Rate “(SAR). In all mobile phones, there is a specification of SAR values.

What is SAR?

The Specific Absorption Rate “(SAR): It is the amount of energy absorbed by the phone user body from the phone. The different phone has different SAR level. In India, the SAR value is 1.6 W/Kg.

How does Radiation cause Cancer?

In the case of ionizing radiation, During passing through the human body, Radiation damage the normal cell DNA which may cause Cancer.

But in the case of mobile phone radiation (Radiofrequency radiation, Non- ionizing), it does not damage  DNA. Currently, there is no consistent evidence about the risk of cancer due to Non-ionizing radiation.

But we all know about the micro oven (uses a microwave, non-ionizing radiation), we use it to heat our food. Like the microwave, Radio waves, emitting from the mobile phone will also produce heat in human cells. It is consistent that this produced heat is the cause of Bio-logical effects in the human body.

We often held our phone during phone calls against the head. The tissue closest to the phone( e.g. Ear ) absorbs more radiation especially during the phone call and produces heat in-ear & head.

Is Mobile Phone Radiation the cause of brain cancer??

  • There is no scientific evidence that mobile phone radiation can cause brain cancer.
  • The scientist suggests to minimize the use of the mobile phone.
  • So, it is better to use with loudspeaker mode, wireless earphones ( on-road don’t talk over phone).
  • WHO has classified RF Radiation as Carcinogenic (Possibly) in May 2011.

Effects of mobile phones radiation on


Babies are more sensitive to radiation and the risk of developing brain cancer is more than adults because their nervous systems are developing. But there is no consistent scientific evidence about the increased risk of cancer.


Radio-frequency radiation mostly absorbed by the skin and continuous exposure may increase the risk of different skin diseases.

  • Mobile phone related contact dermatitis increasing. Mobile phones carry huge no of bacteria and germs which are cause of skin acne, allergies.
  • skin reactions in-ear or around it are reported.


Mobile phone screen emits blue light which is harmful for eyes. It may effect the retina, long time exposure in blue light photoreceptor cells may die in the retina.

Sperm Quality

Putting the phone in a pant pocket exposes the sperm. Continuous exposure may effect sperm quality, sperm count.

Birds & Trees

  • Mobile phone tower also emits radio frequency radiation and the wild animals including birds, bees, and trees are getting exposed continuously. Different types of birds are disappearing.
  • RF signal effects the navigation system of birds, bees, etc and they are facing difficulties to return their homes.
  • Effects on egg production of bees, birds.
  • Has an impact on the quality of fruits, vegetables.


In the topic Radiation in Mobile & Cancer, we have discussed all about the harmful effects of mobile radiation. We are so much dependent on a smartphone for daily work. Everything including the education system moving towards online system. So, we have to learn how to use it safely and have to try to spent a minimum time.





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