Head And Neck Cancer Symptoms

Head and neck cancer symptoms

The number of head and neck cancer patients are increasing day by day in our country. It is very sad to say that about 60 to 70%patients come for treatment in an advanced stage. Hence it is very important to know the head and neck cancer symptoms before it reaches to an advanced stage.

If we see those symptoms in any of our close ones, we can consult a doctor on time and start the treatment as early as possible.

Head and neck cancer symptoms

Head-Neck cancers are basically mouth and throat cancers. These affect your tongue, mouth, cheeks, voice box as all these come under Head-Neck cancer’s category, and the common symptom which starts with one small ulcer.

If that ulcer is not getting cured on time, even after medication and the ulcer is staying for weeks then such an ulcer is very much suspicious. If you have such an ulcer you should immediately go for a consultation with a cancer specialist.

Apart from ulcers, one complaint comes which tooth budging, or if you are using denture then the size of it is changing frequently and rapidly. In such situations also you should consult a doctor or dentist because it might also be the case that the underlying cause is growing cancer.

White or red spots are seen in the mouth of those who eat tobacco. If it is not treated properly it converts into cancer. Apart from cancers of the mouth, throat cancers also create problems while eating. Initially, it gives little problem, afterward when the problem increases your food intake may stop.

So in the beginning, if you notice any problem while eating or any type of pain immediately consult a doctor and many times we suffer from severe pain at the back of the neck especially if it is going towards the ear then that also can be a reason for Head Neck Cancer.

Many times voice changes, it becomes difficult to understand and becomes heavy which can be also a symptom of Voice Box Cancer. Cancer could have formed over there.

Few Cancers look like tumor such as Thyroid Cancer, Lymph gland cancer comes in the throat with a tumor. So if you have any tumor in your throat which is not getting cured with the time or if the size is increasing or if the number is increasing then please don’t ignore it. It needs immediate diagnosis. Do positively consult some cancer specialists.

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