Gutkha & Oral Cancer

Chewing habit of Gutkha, Pan Masala, Pan is widespread throughout the world which leads to Oral Cancer. There are 3095 chemical components in smokeless tobacco products (including gutkha), among them, 28 are proven carcinogens.  In addition to the cancer of head & neck (cancer of the mouth, cheek, lip, gingiva, nose, sinuses, voice box, thyroid, salivary … Read more

Harmful effects of UV rays on skin

We are going to discuss about the harmful effects of UV Rays on skin and its importance on earth. UV Rays or ultraviolet rays, coming from the sun has both positive and negative effects on human health. Three types of UV rays, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. Some UV rays are very essential for vitamin D synthesis … Read more

Radiation in Mobile & Cancer

In the modern scenario, We are getting more and more addicted to smartphones because of social media, games, videos, and users are increasing day by day.  Mobile phone radiation has harmful effects on human health & nature. Radiation in Mobile & Cancer is a very important topic because we all know radiation (a carcinogenic agent) … Read more

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