COSMETIC SURGERY ARE YOU READY? More people than ever are considering the benefits and the end results of plastic surgery(cosmetic surgery). With the advancements in surgery and in the way the body can be shaped, it’s hard not to resist the lure of the knife and what it can do for your body. While 92% … Read more


Dr.S.Krishnamurthi was born in 1919 to illustrious parents Dr. Sundara Reddy and Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy. His mother was India’s first woman medical graduate (1912), a social reformer, and a freedom fighter. She along with two Europeans founded the Women’s India Association (WIA) in 1918. In the 1920s, she fought against the Devadasi system. Incidentally, she … Read more

Head And Neck Cancer Symptoms

The number of head and neck cancer patients are increasing day by day in our country. It is very sad to say that about 60 to 70%patients come for treatment in an advanced stage. Hence it is very important to know the head and neck cancer symptoms before it reaches to an advanced stage. If … Read more

Double Marker Test

  Double marker test is also known as dual marker test/maternal marker test. This test is done of a pregnant woman to detect any genetic abnormalities in the fetus. The risk of genetic abnormalities like Down’s syndrome, Edward syndrome is more in pregnant women of age above 35 years and has a family history or … Read more

Gutkha & Oral Cancer

Chewing habit of Gutkha, Pan Masala, Pan is widespread throughout the world which leads to Oral Cancer. There are 3095 chemical components in smokeless tobacco products (including gutkha), among them, 28 are proven carcinogens.  In addition to the cancer of head & neck (cancer of the mouth, cheek, lip, gingiva, nose, sinuses, voice box, thyroid, salivary … Read more

Types Of Radiation Therapy

Different Types Of Radiation Therapy (External Beam Radiation Therapy, Brachy Therapy) are used to kill cancer cells where very high energy radiation, called ionizing radiations are used (in MeV range). Radiotherapy is a very essential treatment modality for cancer management. It is used as alone or combined with surgery or chemotherapy, more than 40% of … Read more

Harmful effects of UV rays on skin

We are going to discuss about the harmful effects of UV Rays on skin and its importance on earth. UV Rays or ultraviolet rays, coming from the sun has both positive and negative effects on human health. Three types of UV rays, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. Some UV rays are very essential for vitamin D synthesis … Read more

What are cervical cancer symptoms and causes

Cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer and it is more common in developing countries and cancer occurs at the cell of the cervix. The main cause of cervical cancer, about 99% of cases is due to long-lasting infection of the HPV virus in the cervix. Cervical cancer symptoms include vaginal bleeding, bloody … Read more

Types Of Radiation

The word “Radiation” is deeply related to our daily day life. A huge no of modern technology depends on electromagnetic radiation like telecommunication systems, radar security technology, remote control technology, etc. Here the discussion will be about different types of radiation, uses of radiation. We know energy (suppose Heat energy) transit from one place to … Read more

Radiation in Mobile & Cancer

In the modern scenario, We are getting more and more addicted to smartphones because of social media, games, videos, and users are increasing day by day.  Mobile phone radiation has harmful effects on human health & nature. Radiation in Mobile & Cancer is a very important topic because we all know radiation (a carcinogenic agent) … Read more

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